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Student Noticeboard and Leafleting Policy

The following guidelines on notices and leaflets apply within Leeds Trinity University Library

Student Noticeboards

  • No party-political notices, advertisements or commercial materials are permitted.
  • During Student Union representative elections, candidates may display their posters.
  • Consent to display notices must be sought beforehand. Please speak to a member of Library staff.
  • Approved notices will bear the Leeds Trinity University stamp and an expiry date. 
  • If prior permission has not been sought, posters shall be removed and recycled.
  • Notices should be removed immediately after the event has taken place. This is the responsibility of the owner of the notice. 
  • Please respect material displayed by other students. Do not deface, post over, or remove posters that are not yours unless they are obviously out-of-date.
  • The preferred poster size is A4 (or smaller) and nothing larger than A3. Be aware that larger posters may be removed if space is tight. 
  • Posters should be affixed with drawing pins, which are available from the Library Helpdesk. 
  • Posters displayed on other walls or places within the Library will be removed and recycled.


  • No party-political notices or advertisements are permitted.
  • Leaflets may be left in the following areas in the Andrew Kean Learning Centre:
    • Informal seating areas outside the 24-Hour IT room
    • Café and informal study space on the extension ground floor
    • Breakout spaces on the extension first floor
  • We do not allow the leafleting of Library study desks, Group Study Rooms or study carrels. Leaflets found in these areas will be removed and recycled.


Library staff reserve the right to remove any material that can be construed as defamatory, discriminatory, or otherwise offensive. The ultimate decision as to whether a poster is or isn’t removed rests with the Library User Services Manager.

Policy in PDF format