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Meet the team


Photograph of Nick Goodfellow

Nick Goodfellow

Director of Library and Learning Resources

Photograph of Laura Bewick

Laura Bewick

Library User Services Manager

Photograph of Jax Temple-Smees

Jax Temple-Smees

Library User Services Manager

Steven Dowd

Library User Services Coordinator

Liaison team

Photograph of Sarah Cohen

Sarah Cohen

Liaison Librarian

Blank profile image


Liaison Librarian

Photography of Sarah Munks

Sarah Munks

Liaison Librarian

Photograph of Tom Vause

Tom Vause

Partnerships Librarian

Collections, access and systems team

Photograph of Evelyn Webster

Evelyn Webster

Collections Librarian

Photograph of Caroline Parsons

Caroline Parsons

Access Librarian

Photograph of Nicola Perry

Nicola Perry

Systems Librarian

Photograph of Julia Sherrington

Julia Sherrington

Assistant Librarian