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You have access to loads of Library databases and each one works a little bit differently! We can help you find and use the best database for your studies and research.

Find a database

There are three ways to find information from the databases you have access to.

Library Search searches across many of our databases and is the best place to start your research. Use the Databases A-Z and My Subject to find specialist databases and websites that are not included in Library Search.


How to use the Databases A-Z

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Databases FAQs

A database is a searchable online collection of information. We buy subscriptions to databases so you can find the information you need for your assignments, dissertations, study and research. 

Library databases contain different types of information such as academic journal articles, videos, ebooks, news articles, primary source material and statistical data.

Logging in is easy when you access databases from the Library website, via Library Search, the Databases A-Z or My Subject.

Most links we provide take you straight to the log in page where you enter your University username and password. If you're on campus, you will need to login less.

We provide log in instructions if it's a bit more complicated and login details for the handful of databases that need a different login.

You can ask at the Helpdesk, contact us or your Liaison Librarian.

If you don't know where to start, visit My Subject where there is a list of recommended databases for your subject area.

There are a number of reasons why you can't access online resources. Here are the most common ones:

A problem with your IT account

Try accessing other databases, ebooks and journal articles - if you can't access any online resources, report the problem to us or IT.

A problem with the database

If the issue is with one database only, this may be a temporary glitch (try starting a brand new browser session) or the database may be down. Check the Service alerts on this page where we tell you about any known issues and when they are likely to be resolved. If you can't see an announcement, report the problem to us.

You may not have access to the database

Access to some databases is restricted, to certain departments or students. Our partners and external members have different access rights.

Service alerts

If you encounter errors or problems accessing an online resource, please report the problem.

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