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Journals are where academics, researchers and experts in the field publish and discuss their research. They are a more current source of information than books.

Finding journals

Use the journals search on Library Search to find a specific journal title or browse journals in a subject area:

Finding journal articles

Watch this video which shows you how to find journal articles on Library Search.


Print journals

The Library has an e-first policy which means that most of our journals are online.

We have some current print journal subscriptions that are only available in print. We also have older journal issues that we don't have online access to.

How and where to find print journals

You can browse the print journal collection on the second floor of the Library, or use Library Search to search for print journals by title.

The current issue of some education journals are displayed in Classroom Resources and the current issue of some media journals are displayed in the Media Centre.

Print journal borrowing policy

Most of our journals are reference only, however a selection of them are available to borrow and use outside of the library. The journals chosen for selection are our current print subscriptions which we don't have online access to. This includes the following titles:

  • Early Education Journal
  • Writing in Education
  • MA News
  • Mathematics in School
  • Symmetry Plus
  • Primary Mathematics
  • British Journal of Photography
  • The Author
  • Teaching English
  • RE Today
  • Jesuits and Friends
  • Teaching Today

Please note that these items are non-renewable with a two-week loan period.

What are journals?

Watch this video explaining what journals and journal articles are, how they are organised and the different types of journals.


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