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Report a problem

Report an online access problem

Report an online access problem to us and provide as much information as possible to help us to investigate and resolve the issue more quickly.

Resolving access problems

Quick and easy solutions to resolve common problems:

Try a different browser

There may be a browser compatibility problem. We recommend Microsoft Edge.

Close all browser windows and start a brand new session

Sometimes your session has timed out, there has been a temporary glitch, or a temporary problem with a cookie on your computer.

Clear your browser cache and cookies

Existing cookies on your computer can become corrupted or cause conflict with other cookies. Clearing them out can often resolve the problem. Read this guide on how to clear your cache and cookies.

Try a different access route

If you googled the resource or clicked on a link from Moodle, try going direct to the library website or via your virtual University desktop when off campus.

Accessing online resources

You can access most online Library resources with your University username and password. When you follow links to online resources from the Library website (from Library Search, the Databases A-Z or My Subject), you will often see the University Sign in page. You will be asked to sign in more often when you are working off campus.

Leeds Trinity University sign in screen


A few online journals, ebooks and databases require you to enter a different username. If you follow a link to a resource on the Library website which requires a different login, you will be directed to a page with additional login details and instructions.

Service alerts

Login problem: Westlaw Edge

If you see the error message "Your profile contains no valid registration keys" when you try to login to Westlaw, please email us.

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