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Resources to support EDI

An overview of available resources to support EDI including themed online collections of resources owned by the Library

Equality, diversity and inclusion

  • EDI Resource Bank is a digital archive containing examples of initiatives, resources and reports designed to support work towards equality, diversity and inclusion. It is moderated by the University of Nottingham.  
  • The Library subscribes to Proquest’s Diversity Collection which provides a global view of some of the biggest topics in diversity, equity, and inclusion. It focuses on ethnic, minority, and native presses, grassroots newspapers and magazines, and journals, news and newsletters focusing on gender and sexuality. The collection aims to bring out dissenting and minority voices to support research and teaching in women’s studies, LGBQT+ studies, ethnic studies, and more. 

Race and decoloniality


Library staff have created the following collections of books and ebooks: 

Gender and sexuality


You might like to explore the following collections of books and ebooks put together by Library staff: 

Disability, accessibility and wellbeing

  • The Disability Archive is curated by the University of Leeds, and aims to provide disabled people, students and scholars with an interest in this and related fields, access to the writings of those disability activists, writers and allies whose work may no longer be easily accessible in the public domain. 
  • A History of Disability: from 1050 to the Present Day is a collection of resources from Historic England.  


Find out more about the Library’s accessibility and wellbeing support facilities and services: 

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