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Eating and Drinking Policy


This policy is designed to balance the reasonable needs of Andrew Kean Learning Centre (AKLC) users to keep hydrated and refreshed whilst studying with the need to maintain a pleasant, safe, and clean study environment for all users. 

It will be regularly reviewed in the light of current public health and other factors.


  1. The consumption of cold food, cold drinks and hot drinks is permitted in all open areas of  the AKLC, in Group Study Rooms, in study carrels and in the Silent Zones.
  2. The consumption of hot food is only permitted in the entrance foyer and ground floor café area of the AKLC.
  3. Consumption of hot and cold food and hot drinks is not permitted in any of the teaching rooms in the AKLC (LC0-16, LC0-18, LC1-28, LC1-29, LC1-29A, LC1-31, LC1-32, LC1-40, LC1-42, LC1-51 and LC1-52). Water kept in a container with a screw top or lid is permitted. 
  4.  Alcoholic drinks are not permitted in any part of the AKLC.
  5.  All waste must be placed in the appropriate recycling or waste bins, located on each floor of the AKLC.
  6.  Drinks must be kept in containers with screw tops or lids to avoid spillages.

Drinking Water

Water drinking dispensers are provided in the following locations:

  • Foyer area of AKLC
  • Ground Floor of the Library area of the AKLC, adjacent to the Classroom Resources collection 
  • First Floor of the AKLC extension, adjacent to Group Study Room 11 and the toilets

Please note that in the interests of sustainability and hygiene, paper cups are no longer provided, and users should use their own water bottles or other containers.


Users seen to be bringing:

  • alcoholic drinks into any area of the AKLC
  • hot food into any areas of the AKLC other than the Foyer and ground floor café area
  • food or hot drinks into teaching rooms

will be asked by staff to remove them from the building. Failure to comply will result in users being asked to leave the AKLC.