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Assistive technology


All PCs in the Library have the following built-in Microsoft assistive features:

  • Magnifier - makes part or all of your screen bigger so you can see words and images better. 
  • Windows Speech Recognition - works on your device with or without an Internet connection, and allows you to control Windows and some applications using voice commands, as well as dictate text.
  • Microsoft Office applications also have assistive features including dictate, read aloud and translate.

If you need any help accessing these apps or features please ask at the IT Helpdesk or make a request through the Self Service Portal.


We have a range of assistive equipment available including:

  • Coloured overlays
  • A range of ergonomic mice including left-handed and vertical
  • Ergonomic keyboards
  • Left-handed keyboard
  • Headphones
  • Dictation headphones
  • Magnifying glass
  • Scanmarker text-to-speech wireless digital highlighter
  • Wand portable scanner with OCR software
  • Wrist rests
  • Back support pads

These items can be borrowed from the Library Helpdesk and are for use within the Andrew Kean Learning Centre.

If you think there is any other software or equipment we should have that would be useful to students with disabilities please let our Disability Liaison Officer know.

Accessibility of online resources

Ebooks, journals and databases offer different accessibility features, such as read aloud functions and options to change the text and background. The Accessibility of online resources guide outlines the features available on some of our ebook platforms and databases.

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