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Taylor & Francis ebooks

Online ebook reader features

The read online option opens the Taylor & Francis ebook in the Kortext e-reader.

Full text search

You can search within the content of the ebook by clicking or selecting the magnifying glass icon in the left-hand side column and typing in keywords. The results will appear in a list below the search box.

Keyboard navigation

You can navigate to and from all navigable page elements using only a keyboard.


You can zoom content up to 200% without loss of content or functionality. Click or select the magnifying glass icon with a plus sign in the lens in the top menu bar.

Text reflow

PDF content does not reflow. Content available in EPUB format is reflowable. The e-reader is HTML5 compliant, allowing for reflow on mobile devices.

Screen reader (text to speech)

Taylor & Francis ebooks are fully supportive of eReader software and plug-ins

Alternative text

Most non-text elements outside of ebooks content are provided with alt text.

Not available

  • Change page and background colour
  • Change text font and size
  • Read aloud and narration

Downloading, printing and alternative formats

Full text download

You can download the whole ebook in PDF format or scroll down to the table of contents and download individual chapters. Occasionally some older titles may only be read online as an embedded PDF.

The download option opens the ebook in the Taylor & Francis PDF Viewer.


Taylor & Francis allow unlimited printing of downloaded whole-book and chapter PDFs.

Alternative formats

All ebooks published in the last five years are available in PDF and EPUB format. You can submit an alternative format request - format availability depends on the age of the product.