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EBSCO ebooks

Online ebook reader features

Reading online (PDF Full Text or EPUB Full Text) opens the EBSCO ebook in the EBSCOhost ebook viewer.

Full text search

You can search for keywords and phrases within the content of an EBSCO ebook using the "Search within" feature - the second tab in the left-hand side panel. Your results will appear below the search box.

Keyboard navigation

It is possible to navigate EBSCO ebooks using only a keyboard. EBSCO ebooks contain a "Skip to Main Content" link at the top of the viewer page, allowing keyboard users to skip redundant navigation link.


The EBSCOhost online reader allows users to zoom content beyond 200%.

Text reflow

EPUB content reflows within the online reader (meaning it adjusts to the screen size/zoom level). However, PDF content does not reflow. The EBSCOhost site is HTML5 compliant, allowing for reflow on mobile devices.

Screen reader (text to speech)

For ebooks in EPUB format, any screen reader should work successfully. PDF ebooks are compatible with screen readers using an ASCII text layer.

Alternative text

EBSCO rely on the publishers to provide tags and descriptive information for images. This means they cannot guarantee that images within ebooks will have sufficient information for assistive technologies to interpret them. 

Not available

  • Change page and background colour
  • Change text font and size
  • Read aloud and narration

Downloading and printing

Full text download

You can download the whole ebook for up to seven days in EPUB or PDF format via the Full Download button. You will need to sign in to your EBSCOhost account (or create an EBSCOhost account) and have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your device to open the file.

Chapter downloads and printing

Most ebooks have a limit on the number of pages that can be downloaded or printed. You can download chapters from the contents list in the left-hand side panel. You can also specify a particular page range if the part you need spans several chapters.