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Group study rooms

Group Study Rooms

There are 16 bookable Group Study Rooms in the Andrew Kean Learning Centre, located on the ground and first floor of the Library and the extension. These are useful if you need to discuss a group project or assignment, or work together with others.

  • All rooms are equipped with a minimum of one computer - additional equipment is specified below.
  • A support pack for use with whiteboards and smartboards is available from the Library Helpdesk (electronic pen, remote control, water-based dry markers). No other markers may be used on the whiteboards.



  • Group Study Room 1  -  holds 4 people 
  • Group Study Room 2  -  holds 4 people 
  • Group Study Room 3  -  holds 4 people 
  • Group Study Room 4  -  holds 4 people 
  • Group Study Room 5  -  holds 5 people 
  • Group Study Room 6  -  holds 5 people 
  • Group Study Room 7  -  has three separate bookable areas (7a, 7b, 7c) and holds 25 people in total (PCs, Smartboard) 
  • Group Study Room 9  -  holds 7 people (3 PCs) 
  • Group Study Room 10 - holds 9 people (3 PCs, Projection Screen) 
  • Group Study Room 11 - holds 10 people (Smartboard) 
  • Group Study Room 12 - holds 4 people 
  • Group Study Room 13 - holds 8 people 
  • Group Study Room 14 - holds 6 people 
  • Group Study Room 15 - holds 6 people 
  • Group Study Room 16 - holds 4 people 
  • Group Study Room 17 - holds 4 people 

Noise in the Library

If you are experiencing noise or disruption in the Library, don’t suffer in silence!  Please let us know about it so we can help:

  • Send an email to
  • Let us know where in the Library you are working
  • We will do our best to respond within ten minutes during our library staffed hours
  • Outside of these hours please visit the Library Helpdesk and report any problems to Security staff

The Library is a quiet space for everyone to work in. We provide social areas and Group Study Rooms for those who need to talk, but noise levels do have to be kept low in all areas of the Library to enable everyone to work there.

Anyone making excessive noise in the Library may be asked to leave, as outlined in our Acceptable Use Policy:

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